David Smith Memorial Fund

At the request of the Smith Family the Key Foundation is proud to establish the David Smith Memorial Fund. David passed away on June 10, 2015 after an extended illness. David was an exceptional Scout Leader in our community serving many positions on a unit, district and council level. He also is known for the extraordinary service he provided to the development and up keep of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation.

Donations are now being accepted to the David Smith Memorial Fund. The proceeds for this fund will be used for a Scouting project that will be selected by the Smith Family.



In 2005, The Key Foundation, Inc. (“TKF”) established the Diane P. Livoli Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) to help enable young people to serve on Boy Scout Camp Staff. The Scholarship provides funds to Camp staff members currently enrolled or who have intent to enroll in a college, university, trade or other higher learning program, to help defray costs associated with their education.
It is hoped that the individuals selected for the Scholarship will set high standards of leadership and achievement as staff members at Camp.  It is also expected that one of the primary goals of each scholarship recipient will be to make each Camp season special for every camper.
The Livoli family has established within TKF a designated fund to support the Scholarship.  Each year this designated fund may provide financial support to certain Camp staff members with college tuition obligations.  It is hoped this Scholarship will allow for the brightest and the best to spend their summers on Camp Staff.
Only completed Scholarship applications received by the deadline will be considered.  Applications for this Scholarship award are accepted until September 15.  Applicants will be informed after a determination has been made by the scholarship committee. The funds for any Camp staff members receiving a Scholarship will only be issued provided that the staff member has completed all of his summer obligations and leaves in good standing.

A typical award is $500.  An application is no guarantee of an award. Awards are granted at the sole discretion of TKF’s Scholarship Review Committee. Applicants are given awards based on need, merit, and potential contribution to the Camp program.

Camp staff members who have received this award in the past are welcome to reapply.