Programs: The Patrick L. Doyle National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) Scholarship

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The National Order of the Arrow Conference is important to the development of Lodge members and the Lodge as a whole. Nanepashemet Lodge 158 had not attended NOAC since 2002 and has not attended as a Lodge since 2000.

The Key Foundation heavily promoted the 2006 Conference. Ten youth and four adults made the trip to East Lansing Michigan via Amtrak in July of 2006. This included two members from the Key Foundation's Board of Directors.

Thousands of dollars was provided in Patrick Doyle Scholarships as well as other support materials. This included "Codzilla Hats" for the delegation. There is certain magic about NOAC. The Lodge leadership has the opportunity to see other Lodges, share ideas and make plans for improvements to Lodge program.

NOAC 2006 was a significant moment in the history of Nanepashemet Lodge. Youth leaders returned excited and motivated about the Order of the Arrow Program. Most members of the Key Foundation know exactly how they feel. Thanks to the support of TKF that spirit can be shared.

NOAC 2009

In 1988 The Key Foundation, Inc., a registered Massachusetts non-profit corporation, established The Patrick L. Doyle Scholarship.

It has two purposes:

  1. To provide the NOAC experience to youth Arrowmen
  2. To help the Lodge develop trained and motivated leaders dedicated to program growth, improvement and excellence.


Patrick A. Doyle

Patrick L. Doyle was a life scout of Troop 55 Billerica MA. He was also a Brotherhood member and committee chairman of Wannalancit Lodge #451 as well as a staff member at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. At a Lodge Officer training program in the fall of 1982, officers and chairman were asked to write themselves a letter. The letter was part of the goal-setting program of the training. Youth members wrote about what they hoped that they would achieve by the end of the term. The letters were sealed and held by the Lodge Adviser who would return them at the end to the Lodge year. Only the youth member knew what was written.

On Thanksgiving Day in 1982 Patrick died in an automobile accident. A few months later the Lodge Adviser returned the letter to Patrick's father. Together they opened the letter. Patrick wrote of his goals to be an effective committee chairman, and hope to become a member of the ceremonial team. He also wrote of how badly he wanted to attend the next NOAC, having missed the last one due to financial reasons. He was concerned about how he would raise the money to attend the next one.

In honor of their friend and brother, the Key Foundation named its NOAC Scholarship program for Patrick Doyle, a young man who had NOAC dreams.